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Related article: Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 04:57:04 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd
Subject: FORCED PART 4 - nude russianpreteen males AUTHORITARIANI lay there, collared and tied with my hands behind my
back. It was 10:30am Sunday morning."It's going to be a rough day for you", Alvin laughed
as he smoked his joint. "A few boyz are coming over,
we're going to have a little 'bitch party'. Guess
what?? You the bitch!", he laughed loudly. He pulled
out the paddle and began beating my naked ass. He
hopped on top of me, pulled my head back by my hair
and hissed into my nn preteen japanese ear, "Ohhhh, you're gonna get a
mile of black cock today, baby. What you have to keep
asking yourself today is 'do I like it'...because
you're either going to want to grab your clothes and
run out of here or you're gonna call me Master". His
big dick was hard as a rock as he pulled my hair and
beat my ass. He greased up his fingers and started
finger-fucking my manpussy. First one, then jessithekid pre teen two
fingers then practically the whole fist. He lept up,
put on his boxers and answered the buzzer. "Yeah, come
on up" he said as he buzzed his guests in.His friends came in, three of them, black men. Two
were shorter and thin, one was incredibly tall and a football player. Not too much bigger
than Alvin. They laughed at my state, stripping down
and calling me everything and anything they could
think of. It was obvious as I watched them. They began
smoking crack and weed and chugging forties of beer,
wine and taking shots of liquor. Alvin untied me and I
had to light them, get them drinks and take shots
myself plus smoke. After half an hour or so, I was
buzzed heavily as was everyone in the room. I stared
at their big dicks. They then started forum bbs preteens hitting me,
slapping me in the face and threw me on the bed.
"Fucking bitch-boy here is gonna get it..." said the
big one as he slapped me exotic preteen
and shoved his big, smelly
cock in my mouth. What proceeded to happen was a gang
rape nude russianpreteen males
that went on for hours. I was tossed around like
rag doll as each black stud fucked my ass and mouth
mercilessly. Alvin kicked back and watched, smiling
and laughing. I was never without a dick in either
hole almost the whole time. I swallowed cum, took load
after load in my ass. My hole was dripping, used and
brutalized when they were done. I was dragged by my
collar (now with leash attached) into the bathroom and
they took turns pissing on me, making me drink it,
making me stick my tongue up their assholes, beating
me, spitting on me. They shoved a big cucumber up my
ass and then made me eat it. Two at a time penetrated
my asspussy and made it bleed. Soon, I was crying and
spent...curled up on the bed with so much cum and piss
running out of my hole I thought it would never stop.
They smoked the rest and left. Alvin just smiled and
smoked his cigarette. "Well, wanna get your things and
leave, bitch?".He lit me a smoke and told me sit up. Handing it to
me, he looked down at my cum and piss covered body. "I
need a're it. You move in and do
whatever I say. Rent is free but you'll earn my cock,
believe me".I stared at him. He was god to me. "I'll give my
notice to my landlord next week, " I stammered.
"Master.""Good boy, " he said as he patted my wet hair. "I give
you your reward".My reward was actual lovemaking. He took me to bed
that night and made love to me. No beating, no
forcing. It was incredible. He said this was only my
reward when I'm a good bitch.Nineteen months later, believe me I'm a good bitch. I
am a black man's whore and urinal and I love it.
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